Meet Nicky

I'm just happy to be making music and happy to be able to present this for you all.

Nicky Butter Presents: #Heavy Snow City the EP

I have never thought of music as a challenge — you always figure, the audience is at least as smart as you are. You do this because you like it, you think what you’re making is beautiful. And if you think it’s beautiful, maybe they’ll think it’s beautiful. You make stuff because it’s what you do and you love it.

  • Aaron Smith x Nicky Butter x KRONO - Dancing
  • Nicky Butter x I_N_C - Up In the City
  • Nicky Butter - Trap Lord
  • Nicky Butter - Around The World
  • Nicky Butter - W.Y.G.D
  • Nicky Butter - Crowns
  • Nicky Butter - Battle Cry
  • Nicky Butter - Ten Thousand Hours
  • Nicky Butter - Run / Airwaves
  • Nicky Butter - Cake / Everything Fades


I’m just getting started. Make isn’t just a music — it’s a life long festival of events.
Here’s a taste of it, with more to come.

  • May 27th 2014

  • Starstrings


    Production - Nicky Butter.
  • May 2nd 2014

  • Green Light


    Cover -
    Production - Nicky Butter

  • November 4th 2013

  • Nicky Butter - Up In The City (feat. I_N_C)


    First single from upcoming "Heavy Snow City" EP. It features additional vocals by I_N_C and was produced by Nicky Butter. Nothin' but a good music.

  • July 29th 2013

  • Lvl


    AKAI MPC1000 + Logic Pro 9

  • June 20th 2013

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege (Nicky Butter Remix)


    AKAI MPC1000 + Logic Pro 9

About Me

Hello my name is Nicky Butter and I’m a music/record producer raised in Russia, currently living in Los Angeles. At age 14, I began to make my own hip-hop beats on a PC. A bit later I also began to use production equipment including the Korg Triton, the Akai MPC1000. There’s plenty of ways to get in touch with me. You can message me on Twitter, connect with me on SoundCloud or write me an Internet letter.