Nicky Butter, producer

Nicky Butter

I’m a producer, from LA. I'm making music that brings light to people's lives, using equipment including the Korg Triton and Akai MPC1000.

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Yes, I have plans to release the second EP soon. I hope you all were able to hear the first one. I currently have no official release date, but you can def speed up the process by "liking" my tracks on Soundcloud! :)

I'm also proud to announce that Aaron Smith x Nicky Butter x KRONO - Dancing has reached more than 1.5K plays. If you haven't listened to it, please hit the play button or download the whole thing.

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Before I drop a new EP, I want to create as much awareness of the first one on a global level. That's where I need your help.

To accomplish this please share, like and listen to these tracks above. Btw download the whole #HeavySnowCity EP for FREE here.

Thank you.

EP#1, HeavySnowCity


I'm just getting started. Make isn't just an EP — it’s a life long festival of events, like a space journey. Here’s a taste of it, with more to come.

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EP, Hop-Hop, Instrumental

This one probably is not going to be published. Cover -

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Together with Cris, we made these lyrics & beats. First single from upcoming "Heavy Snow City" EP. It features additional vocals by I_N_C and was produced by me. Nothin' but a good music.

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EP, Single

Just started using Logic as well as my MPC machine. Here's what it sounds like.

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AKAI1000, Logic